Leasing A Car

Car Loan Companies offer great deals online for the individual who wants to benefit from the advantages that leasing provides over buying. Leasing a car is less expensive than buying when considering the amount of a monthly payment. Many drivers opt to lease over buying because they like to drive a new and more expensive car. After the loan period runs out after 2, 3, or even possibly 4 years, they can just trade it in for a new model or a totally different vehicle of their choice. Car loan companies do require that the vehicle be kept in good running condition with reasonable mileage. At the end of the loan the person renting has the choice of purchasing the automobile if so desired.

Credit requirements for leasing a vehicle are strict compared to buying. Car loan companies view someone who has a higher credit score as a more responsible person who will probably make payments on time and not abuse the vehicle. Before opting to lease an automobile get a copy of your credit reports from the two major credit bureaus “Equifax.ca & TransUnion.ca” and look over the reports for errors. Correcting negative information can help to raise credit scores. This can be done by filling out a dispute form or writing a letter to the bureau where the error exists, visit their website for more details or instructions. The credit bureau will investigate the dispute and answer back. If the creditor of the account in question does not answer within the 30 days the item should be removed from the credit report. Follow up is very important with disputes in order to make sure that the corrections are made.

Mileage limitations and disposition fees are usually associated with leasing. Going over the mileage noted in the agreement will mean paying so many cents per mile in fees when it is time to turn the car in. Car loan companies are usually very strict about the mileage requirements and limitations because the higher mileage makes the value of the vehicle less. Companies who lease vehicles may verbally suggest that the mileage fees are negotiable. If this is true the contract should reflect that. A disposition fee is charged to the driver who does not opt to purchase the automobile once the agreement is complete

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